The Dream Well

by Laura Botsford




Render the Dreamer

Lockets with pictures of ancestors I have never met.
Their eyes filled with wisdom and sage winsomeness spill out from aged sepia tones and embrace me.
They have heard me coming down the chute in a flurry of wings wrought of the living dove.
Am I the resurrection of their dreams?
This continued ardent passion to make a path seamed of souls
I am their Hope
The acoustics of a wren nesting in the tree uplifts the weary smile
Sandalwood spirals in my evening prayers for clarity
Chocolate makes a mixed marriage with my Pom tea that sweetly blends a delicious exotic discovery upon my tongue in piqued waves
I wait in the wind that reels the night in a hook of slipper moon
I pray for clearance to part the din of days
Give me what softest truth can utter in whispers
I surrender the moon to the waxing of her new fullness, as she slowly opens the door of a woman's heart where her plea of perfect passion blooms in a child's eyes - floating like a lotus above a sapphire lake.
What I wanted to be was granted easily - there at my fingertips.
I dreamt of veils lifted and ancient dancing from the Hills
I fidget with self-chosen miseries
Squirm when they judge and condemn free will
Wrestle with Impudent ideology upon others until - I can feel that
They are not to blame

I am a responder, a lightworker, an emissary of peace
I am deemed to dream for them what they chose to forget
Exemplify what God freely imparts to all
I am called by my lifetime to blow a cool breeze that
Washes the streams in whispers of turquoise pools that
Harkens sea life to harbor in new shells
I relish the sight of those that speak softly with conviction
Seekers who transmit in inspired ways
For we are the Bell Chimes
Boldly casting sound waves through the clouds of our separated sins
Until we remember and presently begin
Yes, I would rather render the dreamer than be a lecturer of papers, Whose life has yet to taste of chocolate fruits
With lips pressed into the tang of new wonders


released February 6, 2017


all rights reserved



Laura Botsford Arkansas

Laura Botsford - Independent Musician - USA
Various Genres'
Ambient Jazz, Film Soundtracks, Funk and Eclectic World Beat Fusions of the Splendiferous Kind.

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